Fishless Cycling Guide

Congratulations! If you’ve stopped by our website to learn about fishless cycling, it  means that you’re starting your journey with a new aquarium. Fishkeeping is one of the best hobbies you can have. Of course, we’re biased, but it really does provide a sense of enjoyment. Different types of fish have their own personalities and watching them is both fun and relaxing. When you begin this awesome hobby, you’ll want to start out on a path lead you to a tank that’s inhabited by healthy, happy fish. By employing the methods that we suggest, you should have greater success (hopefully no floating fish!) and a cycled fish tank that provides a healthy environment for your aquatic critters.

Let’s get started!

What Is Fishless Cycling?

When you stock fish in your aquarium, you’re introducing them into a closed environment. The waste that is expelled by fish after digesting their food is toxic and will kill your fish. Fortunately, nature takes care of this problem by producing bacteria that consumes that waste. In essence, you are going to ensure that your aquarium is safe for your fish by creating the same type of environment that is found in streams, lakes and rivers — typically known as the nitrogen cycle. To do this, you will help initiate the growth of two types of bacterial colonies that are beneficial.

This differs from cycling a fish tank with just fish. You’re more prone to have fish die by using a traditional method of starting out with “hardy fish.”

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